Saturday, August 25, 2007

And here is the entire picture of Bronn and his very proud Dad!
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Here is Bronn's High in Trail photo! He earned the last leg towards his CD and the HIT in Enumclaw WA on August the 17th.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Fancy

And smiling as usual, she is a happy kid and cute too!

Meet Fancy!!!

Fancy, CH Rose's Four Wheelin' Fancy, joined our family on August 16th. She will be a much loved family member as well as an obedience partner for Phil. Thank you to Carla Rose, who bred and showed her to her Championship for trusting us with the next phase of Fancy's career!

Bronn's new ribbons!

Here are the ribbons Bronn and Carma won along with the silver tray awarded to Bronn for his HIT at the Pug Specialty in Enumclaw Wa Aug 17.

Here is another shot of them waiting to collect their ribbons and hardware.
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Bronn was entered at the Pug Specialty August 17, 2007, where he finished his CD and went High In Trial.
Here he is with Phil collecting their ribbons and hardware.
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bronn posing with his ribbons

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That he earned in one weekend in Great Falls MT. The 2 rosettes were earned trialing for his CD, and the red second place ribbon on the table was awarded to him by Mr Alan Harper in the breed ring, in a very competitive open class of 7!
Phil counts that weekend as one of the highlights in their short career so far!

Bronn at Ewe-Topia herding ducks! He is pug that can do it all!

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Here is Bronn, winning his first points towards his AKC Championship.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThis is the first dog, Phil has ever handled to points. And this day when Bronn took WD and then went Best of Winners was one of the most exciting days we have ever experienced!! His Breeder was there and to have her witness Bronn get his first points was just icing on the cake!

This is Scout, Bronn's VERY busy Boston Terrier sister.

We got a phone call from our local shelter a couple of years ago to let us know they had a senior/special needs Boston and were we interested? I drove to the shelter to meet "Marla" and was instantly drawn to this skinny sad little dog sitting in the run. She came home with me that day and after addressing many health issues and having her spayed, feeding her some good food and loving her, she blossomed into one of the most fun and loving dogs we have ever had. Her first 9 years were not easy, but that has all changed now!

Meet Tedy, a 9 yr old rescue.

And this is Tedy, he is a very serious fellow, and we are very happy he is a part of our family.

This is Casey, a 5 year old rescue.

Casey and her housemate Tedy, came to live with us after being placed in rescue by their original family. The family hit hard times and decided to do the best they could for their pets and place them with a rescue, so they could find a forever home. We are very happy to have added them to our home.

This is Stablemate's Guerin Vom Fritz CD HIC CGC, doing one of his favorite things, chasing tennis balls at the river!

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This is Lakina's Cosmic Force RN HIC CGC, Carma earned her Rally novice title this past June in 3 shows. She earned one leg with a first place!

Here are Bronn and his Dad.

This is our favorite picture of Bronn and Phil. It captured the relationship that was to come.

Bronn swimming at the river.

We had just bought Bronn his lifevest and this was his first day trying it out.

Bronn after going HIT at a local fun match. His score was 196.

Bronn was very proud of himself and so were we! It was a large class and he worked very hard for his dad and that score!

Meet Bronn!

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This blog is all about a 2 year old black pug named, Treasure's Bronn To Be Wild, aka, Bronn. Bronn was born 8/4/05, in Monroe WA and now, lives in Western Montana, with his owners, Phil and Shirley. And 2 Rottweilers, Guerin and Carma, 2 other pugs, Casey and Tedy, and a Boston Terrier named Scout.
Phil and Bronn show in conformation together, where Bronn earned his first points, going WD/BOW in July '07. Phil cannot wait for the day Bronn completes his AKC championship.

Bronn and Phil also compete in obedience where Bronn, has earned his Rally Advanced title, and 2 of three legs required for his CD. He earned his RN with 4 attempts, and one leg with a 4th place. His RA was earned in 3 attempts with a 2nd place on one leg. So far, he has made 3 attempts for his CD, and earned 2 legs, one with a 4th place.
He also earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate this summer at a local fun match.
He has accomplished a ton in his first 2 years, and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for him, and for us!

He is a fun little dog, and game to try anything and everything we ask of him. We will never be able to thank his breeder, Jodi Sorensen of Treasure Pugs, enough for trusting us with this boy.
We also owe a debt of gratitude to Carla Rose, of Rose Pugs for all of her help and support, to Jim and Jan Bradley of Joie De Vivre pugs, for their support and friendship.

You will also meet Bronn's housemates here and read about what they are up to as well!